Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 22: Surprise Surprise... We have a SLAB....

We all know that the weather in Sydney has been absolutely wet for the past few weeks.  We were lucky that out piering went through last week even of the weather.  

Anyway, this week I wasn't expecting our slab will go through because I was regularly checking the weather online and all I can see was rain, rain, rain and even thunderstorm... so I wasn't really expecting our slab.  Also, I never got a phone call from my site supervisor the last few days.

So today, I dropped my SS a message to get some updates on when our slab will be poured. His reply was "It was rebooked for today".  What?  So, we were not informed about the schedule of our slab which they will normally do.  Anyway, I didn't even argue about not being informed of the schedule but was kinda excited because there is a slight chance of getting our slab poured today.  

So I waited.. waited.. and waited... then at around 4PM today, my site supervisor called and happily informed me that our slab went through.. what a SUPRISE for us...  so I rushed to our land after office to check out our freshly laid slab..  and WOW.. WE HAVE A SLAB!!! 

I guess this is the first major milestone in our build.. This also means that we will see an invoice for our first progress payment in the mail in a few days. 

The only thing that we need to do is to remove the excess soil around the house ($$$$ kaching!! kaching!!!) before they put up the frames which is approximately in 2 weeks time.  

Now we can tell, that our build is slowly getting there.

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