Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1: Site Cutting

Just when we are pressed for time to meet the start of construction deadline, our mobile lender had to arrange for revision of our document due to a mistake they made on the mortgage fees. We were so close in getting that approval before 2011 ends but it's just wasn't meant to be. The heavens said we are too eager and we need to slow down lols! On 3rd Jan 2012, our mobile lender advised us that our loan have been approved-in-principle. At this point we thought we are ready to rumble, but apparently we still need to obtain the "Authority to Commence" letter from the bank before construction can commence. Ha! Too many steps, it's insane hehe!

And finally on my birthday 9th Jan, this much awaited letter was finally obtained and on the very same day our file was released for construction. Yey!!! This called for a double celebration so I and hubby went out for a seafood platter which was soooo good - lobster, oyster, scallops, prawn, squid. Double yum!!!

Sixteen days later, we received an SMS from MDJ saying that today, 25 Jan 2012 marks the start of work on the site! We couldn't wait for our respective day jobs to come to an end so we could drop by our land. We braved the rain yesterday and below is the pic of what we were welcomed with. I can't wait to see the whole process unfold in the coming days and months! I'll leave you with these before and after photos. Happy Australia Day!!!

A Piece of Land Down Under

Pegged 21 Jan 2012

Day 1, Site Cutting - 25 Jan 2012