Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 16: Drainage Plumbing Done; Waffle Pods & Steel Mesh Delivered!

It's been kinda stressful week for us. MDJ discontinued our flooring of choice which means we'd have to go back again for reselection. Hmmm could it be that the profit margin with our brand of choice is not high enough for MDJ? They didn't elaborate on the reason, just said it's for our own interest. Not really buying that lols! Ooopsss i might get in touble here so I'll leave it at that:). We saw this opportunity to explore our options again and  much to our delight MDJ is open to cancellation of flooring without charges. We then set off last weekend to visit suppliers for laminates, floating timber, bamboo flooring, etc. and we found some really sweet deals. There is no doubt we would have saved around 4K or more if we source the flooring elsewhere, but after much thought and discussion we jumped the gun and just went ahead with MDJ. We didn't really liked any other laminates, so without batting an eyelid we went with the new craze that is bamboo flooring. It's said to have a very high janka rating for hardness (way harder than timber) and will definitely be hard on our pockets too (what with another 3.4k variation)! Right at the bottom is the picture of our new flooring - coffee color! It's the most popular bamboo color, we would have gone for something a little bit non-conventional but the other color we liked (brushed antique) might be too rustic for the theme that we have in mind (which is quite frankly as clear as muddy water right now hehe).

And since we are in the vicinity of our property, we decided to drop by and have a look at the drainage plumbing etc that was supposed to be done yesterday. And surprise surprise, waffle pods and the steel mesh have also been delivered! This is taking faster than expected. We should be getting the slab done next week depending on the weather. Woooooooot!!!

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