Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 51 : Bricking Starts

photos taken on 14.03.12

Day 47 : Bricks Delivered

Our Austral Blackstone bricks have been delivered.

photos taken on 10.03.2012

Day 43 : Frames Erected; Windows Installed

Five days later... Wowsa! MCD wasted no time in installing our precious blue steel, it looks awesome! We secretly inspected the inside and noticed a dent on one small strip. They did not give us the chance to complain because on our next visit (which was probably the following day lols!) it was fixed. Truth is we couldn't complain yet because the visit wasn't official anyway hehe...

Day 38 : Frames Delivered

We've gone for a steel frame so we can get the colorbond roofing. Apparently if you choose a timber frame you can only go for tiled roofing. Below are the steel frames from MCD. We've heard of unfortunate situations where the frames were damaged upon delivery and we're glad it didn't happen to us. 

photos taken 01.03.2012

I'm Back :)

Been overseas since mid-Feb and came back 19th of March but didn't really had the chance to sit down and post some updates. During my absence hubby has been diligently visiting our site and updating me through Facebook. I can't believe how fast this is turning out to be - I was pleasantly surprised to come back to a fully erected frame! And today 5th May 2012, we were welcomed with contractors doing the internal painting (first coating) on overtime. How good is that?! At this point we are in the locked up stage    having completed the following stages - roofing, brickwork, windows, guttering, installation of internal linings and kitchen cupboards (excl bench top), ceramic tiling, installation of bathroom cupboards (excl bench top), start of painting. I intend to update my timeline in the next posts with pictures without the rubbish, i.e. my nonsense stories (teehee!).

I would also like to share that during this time we have met some of our nice neighbours and get to chat with them for quite a bit. Our neighbour on the right side is about to move in the next few weeks and they had consulted us about the fencing. We were also planning on the same EZY clip fencing so that was really easy breezy. Taking our cue from our neighbour, we have also started contacting our other neighbours (left side and behind) and proposed the same fencing. To our delight, the left-side neighbour quickly replied with a YES! Indeed love begets love hehe. We are just basically waiting for the neighbour at the back to reply, which is understandable because they haven't started the build yet.

I am happy to say that up until today there is no major hiccup with our construction and I hope and pray that it will be a smooth ride until the completion. We've just met with our SS Peter and we are comfortable that he is looking after our interest. He wouldn't give us a completion date but with the rate it's going, we are hoping it's end June latest :). Our flooring installation is scheduled on 20th May so if all goes well, I'm confident that we will be on target. 

Enjoy the timeline/pictures in the next few posts.... 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 28 - Progress Payment for Slab

Today, as expected we received the Invoice for our progress payment for the slab.  Not too exciting though because it means that our construction loan will start once our lender pays MJH meaning our mortgage repayment will increase a bit.

Haven't heard from my SS so I guess there are no major developments on our site.

That's all for now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 25 - Checking out the Curing Process

Today, I dropped by our site to check the curing process of our slab.

Everything seems to be going okay and no major changes since the slab was poured.  As for the external plumbing, I didn't know how to check if this is done.

Anyway, the fence was open so I was able to go around the slab to have a general idea of how big... or i guess how small our house is. and also to inspect if there are big cracks on the slab.

Our driveway seem to be flat from the road going to the garage.

Enjoy the pics.