Friday, August 26, 2011

Some 6 Months Later

I have been very busy working/baking/cooking/sightseeing that I didn't really have time (or the interest) to update this blog. I know my hubby can't wait for me to get back in the groove. You see, he has been the one researching and patiently reading the forums for any information about house building. And I am the one who will always scrutinize the ideas (as if I have been doing my research too! Ha!). It took an iPad gift today plus a color appointment to make me want to write again =D

We have been looking at display homes since December 2010 - fallen in and out of love with AV Jennings, McDonald Jones, Clarendon, and Master Homes. The deciding factor really was the fact that we got a small lot & McDonald Jones has the best open plan concept that fits and maximizes our land. On April 2011 we have made another big decision and parted with our hard-earned 3K as a deposit for McDonald Jones Bordeaux (13m), with a Balinese Tropicana facade. Subsequently we have accepted the consolidated tender 2 months later. We went for impressions package (which is always on discount anyway), a/c at a "special discount price, sarking beneath the color bond roof, and increased the ceiling height to 2700mm for a grand total of some $200K! This is excluding the flooring, electricals, driveway, landscape, and other small upgrades.

House Design: Bordeaux
Facade: Balinese Tropicana
Building & design Consultant: Aaron Lyod

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